If you are considering to bring a touch of green to your office - perhaps a conversation with us might be of value. As part of our service - we provide Green Design for offices. On invitation and after a cursory visit to your promises, we will put together a proposal menu for you to select from, based on which, we would consolidate our proposal.

At that point you may choose to bring on our services to acquire or rent the green elements we propose.

As part of our proposal - we will include :

1. A diagrammatic representation of your premises with marked spots of green infusion.

2. A list of the green elements being proposed for each of these marked spots including photographic representation.

3. A care program for each of these elements.

4. A detailed acquisition or rental proposal including schedules and care program by us for the rental proposal.

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Do you Gift your client's often ?

You may wish to Gift our unique and well curated Kokedamas that come with an element of surprise and complete instructions for the recepient. 

Gift through the month by dropping us an easy to complete form and we will take care of the rest - a gift box, your card and note - to be settled at the end of the month.

Fill out the below form and open an account with us :

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Green is Good.

We can give you a discourse on why.......Environment, Oxygen, Mental Well-being...... but the choice really is between buying your own or renting them and have someone look after them for you....


Jump on to our website or use the form below that identifies the best indoor options for plants. Plants that are majestic whilst easy to care fore and maintain DIY.



The order form also allows you to rent these precious gems for your office space [prices are on the form]. As part of the rental :

  • Weekly Watering & Caring

  • Trimming and Pruning

  • No-charge replacement if required

  • Fertilization

Please note that there is a minimum 6 month rental period and installation is not included. You may contact us for a bespoke proposal.

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